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The Most Advanced Cable Ever

  • Engineered To Last -Engineered with Military Kevlar and Aramid Fiber, strong enough to handle 63,000 lbs of pressure.
  • Cord Lasts a Lifetime -Our double-braided nylon cable will never fray, wear or snap! Guaranteed.
  • Charge Up to 1.87x Faster -Integrated IC Chip Technology that knows when to stop charging after your device is full, saving your battery life.
  • Gamer's Dream Cable -Not only is it unbreakable, but this Magnetic Cable can turn 360° in ANY Angle
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Here’s Why Customers Love Magnetic Charger…


Eddie R.

“Amazing how much faster my phone charges”

It's been a few months since I purchased lightning cables, and it really does charge my phone faster. Made very well too. I recommend getting the 3.0 Wall charger and car charger if you need it. It helps boost charge even faster.


Louis DAgostino

“Such a cool product”

Cant tell you how many cables I've used over the last year. You can tell right away how well this cable is, the ease of use and how fast the cable charges my devices.


Larry F.

“Wow! What a difference”

I thought my phone was broken, was taking forever to charge. Once I used the lightning Cable it was amazing to see how much faster my phone would charge. And it works great in the car. I don't have to constantly plug and unplug the device.


Carl Giammarino

“Finally, a charging cable that lasts”

Great product, It super strong. Had it for 6 months and no problems. I bought a few more and added the wall and car charger. It's even faster. Awesome product!

Magnetic Phone
Charging Cable

The best magnetic charger cable in the market

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